Rahul Pandey


A postgraduate in Advertising & Marketing with over 15 years of global experience. Since 2018, he has dedicated himself to the realm of organic farming and the artisanal production of natural food and health products. His passion lies in empowering the villagers of his native village, engaging them in the craft of handcrafted goods. This initiative not only creates employment opportunities in the hills but also establishes a meaningful connection between farmers and consumers. Rahul's vision is rooted in sustainable practices, promoting the goodness of sustainable living while fostering economic growth in local communities 

‘’I grew up amidst the lush green mountains, with unparalleled experience of

purity of nature, always yearned to be an inhabitant of nature; to strengthen the fantasy of formation of raw and pure natural wonders.’’


Madhu Pandey

Our Mother is our Co-Founder

Our guiding force, the culinary maestro, and the heart of our kitchen, Mrs. Madhu Pandey, is renowned for her enchanting vegetarian dishes. We consider ourselves exceptionally fortunate to benefit from her wealth of expertise and guidance. With a lifetime of culinary experience, Mrs. Madhu Pandey, now at the age of 67, shares the joy and love of her magical cuisines nationwide. Commencing with two variants in 2020, we have expanded to offer 15 seasonal pickle & chutney variants, all originating from her kitchen, and handmade by the women of our village under mom’s supervision. These delectable creations maintain authenticity by avoiding preservatives, artificial colors, and flavors. Utilizing traditional techniques such as handmade small batches, sun drying, and months-long fermentation in the pristine and pollution-free environment of the Uttarakhand mountains.


Pushpa Devi

Production Manager

An all-rounder, seamlessly handling everything from processing to packaging. An integral part of the Oija family since 2021, Pushpa didi has exhibited remarkable growth, mastering the pronunciation of intricate herb and flower names. She has evolved into a seasoned professional, efficiently overseeing and managing all tasks related to processing and packaging. Her dedication and expertise contribute significantly to the success and smooth operation of our processes.


Arjun Sharma

Circulation Head

An ardent aerial yoga artist and an exceptional health coach at heart. Arjun has been an integral part of our family since the inception of Oija. His primary focus is on promoting health awareness and overseeing all aspects of online/offline circulation and exhibitions of Oija products across the nation. With a passion for holistic well-being and a commitment to spreading awareness, Arjun plays a pivotal role in bringing the goodness of Oija products to a wide audience throughout India.

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